Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the Property Codes (Unique Advertising Codes) reusable?

    Yes. Each unique Property Code is assigned to you and can be reassigned to other listings. Simply setup the sign rider at the location of your new listing and reassign the code in your account dashboard.

  • Are there per message or per lead charges?

    There are no per message or per lead charges. Your subscription price is based on the number of Property Codes you order and includes unlimited inquiries.

  • How do I get notified of leads?

    Right House will send you lead notifications by email or text message. Alternatively, you can always log into your account to view full details and recent inquiries at any time.

  • How can I follow up on SMS (Text message) inquiries?

    The prospect's mobile number will be sent to you via email and/or text message when a new property inquiry is made. If the prospect completes the lead inquiry at the bottom of the listing page, you will be provided with additional contact details. You can also retrieve the prospect's contact information through your account dashboard.

  • Do I have to buy signs from Right House?

    No. You can use your own sign vendor if you like. Just select “Print My Own” as the Sign Type during the sign-up process. If you choose to print your own sign’s, we will email you a list of your Property Codes. They will also be listed on your account dashboard.

  • How long does it take to receive my signs?

    Your sign rider(s) will be sent on the next business day by USPS Ground. Once shipped, you will receive your signs within 3 to 5 days.

  • Do I have to upload my listing content

    No. If you were able to successfully sign up for the service, this means that we already have the listing information (including photo’s) you uploaded through your MLS account.

  • How do you get the information (including photo’s) for all of my active listings?

    In order to use the Right House service, you must opt in to the ListHub content syndication service (Free) and select Right House as a content publisher. Click here to opt in to ListHub.

  • How long does it take for my listings to show up on my account dashboard, once I upload a new listing into MLS?

    It can take up to 24 hours (next day) for your new MLS listings to show up

  • What does it cost my customers for the use of this service?

    There is no charge for requesting property information through the Right House service.

  • How do I update my listing information?

    When you make updates to your active listing through MLS, these changes will be reflected on your Right House property listings within 24 hours.

  • What happens when a property is sold, leased or cancelled in MLS?

    Within 24 hours of a Listing Status change in MLS; sold, leased, or cancelled Listings will no longer be available for publishing through Right House. However, you will still be able to access lead information and metrics for an inactive property through your account dashboard.

  • Can I request a new sign rider if it is lost or damaged?

    You can order a new sign rider through your account dashboard. Your replacement sign rider will have a new unique property code. This code will need to be assigned to the to an active listing through your account dashboard. There is a cost for replacement sign riders.

  • Is the service available in Canada?

    No, we only provide service throughout the United States.